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Substantive Editing

Multiple Round Editing

You should opt for substantive editing when you are unable to convert your thoughts into writing or even if you are an ESL student who is struggling to draft a well written document. mid You should opt for multiple round editing when you have already written a quality dissertation but want to enhance its quality further to make it fit for journal publication.
In substantive editing, your document will be submitted to a scholarly writer and he/she would ensure that your work conveys the correct meaning and good readability. mid In multiple round editing, you submit your document to us and receive the edited copy. Then, you submit it to your committee, make the changes as per the feedback received by them and submit it to us again for editing.
Substantive editing service checks for logical sequence, repeated words, presentation manner, grammatical mistakes and an orderly structure of data. mid Multiple round editing service checks for correct vocabulary, originality of information, structure of sentence and paragraphs, language errors and citation style.
A single round of editing is carried here. mid Here, editing is done by different scholars in three different rounds.
The purpose of substantive editing is to ensure that the document meets its intended purpose and that it is easily understood by its readers. mid The purpose of multiple round editing is to make it 100% error free so that it is accepted by the publication house on first submission only.

Benefits of our services

We have a team of experienced editors and writers who make sure to provide you with the highest quality work within the timeframe provided by you

  • We have a team of professional writers who possess years of experience in dissertation writing and editing.
  • We provide unmatched quality work and submit you only fresh content.
  • We maintain absolute anonymity. So, do not worry about any privacy problem.
  • We offer friendly support. You can interact with our writers over mail, phone and Skype.
  • Our dissertation writing service in singapore are 100% original. We do not copy and paste.
  • We deliver your work on a timely basis. We will submit it within the deadline provided by you.
  • We provide money refund policy. For any more doubts regarding it, check our money refund policy page.
  • Our expert editors nail down even the complex levels easily since they have a rich experience and knowledge.
  • We provide constant support through online chat. So, you can ask us a doubt before your forget it.

Pricing of our services

Please note that prices shown below are indicative only and subject to change based on the topic,deadline and other requirements.

Service Word Count/Pages Time Provided Price
Topic And Proposal Help 5000 words 15 Days SGD 695
Chapter writing 5000 words 10 Days SGD 787
Dissertation writing 50000 words 90 Days SGD 5055
Statistical analysis 10000 words 7 Days SGD 1256
Editing 5000 words 5 Days SGD 492

How it works:

Here is the process that we follow for providing the services:

  • Read about all of our services and choose according to your requirement.
  • Contact us for any enquiries or other details you have got before placing the order. You can call us or mail us, depending upon your convenience.
  • Go to the “Place order” page, list out all of your requirements in the form and submit it.
  • We receive your order. Your order is sent to the most suitable and qualified writer/editor/consultant who has an in depth knowledge of your subject.
  • An expert will guide you throughout the preparation of your report.
  • Our quality analysts ensure the content’s correctness.
  • The edited project is delivered to you within the timeframe.
  • If you still feel there is a need for some modification, ask for our assistance and we would happy to help you out further.

You can contact our team at contact@dissertationsingapore.com