Are You Struggling to Write a Dissertation Proposal?

Though the requirement of a dissertation proposal depends upon the university or college you are pursuing your PhD from, yet writing a dissertation is actually a tricky and hard-hitting task. It entails all the knowledge and information you have congregated during your study of doctorate.

A well written dissertation proposal includes all the interrogation about your dissertation like why it is written, what your dissertation proposal is all about, what are you trying to figure out and what research methodology has been used here in order to unravel your research issue? But, the most important phase is to frame out all these interrogations systematically and sequentially in which you will thrash the most, here is the same –

  • Title – Title should be short and captivating. As it is the face of your dissertation, it should be well thought and framed.
  • Introduction – Introduce your dissertation in this section, such as why it has been commenced, what is the issue underlined here, the nature of your research and your expectations from it?
  • Aim and objective – Aim is a zeal to achieve your target and objective is short term steps to achieve your aim. Tthus, your dissertation proposal should consist of both your aim and objectives stating what you want to achieve and how will you achieve it?
  • Methodology – A Research methodology is that solves out your problems and gives you actual results. Thus, you should mention the kind of methodologies you are going to use in your dissertation. It should include literature review, data collection and its techniques and also data interpretation.
  • Literature review – Descriptive form of your dissertation should be written in this section. literature review is a set of theories and explanations, information’s gathered from different sources and gap generated within the previous study and the current one should also be discussed precisely.
  • Outline – Different chapters should be outlined in this section and brief the dissertation scope
  • Conclusion – What have you found out and what was expected should be briefed here.

Thus, you can frame your dissertation proposal in a conspicuous way.

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