Writing a Perfect Executive Summary with Dissertation Writing Service

From the point of view of dissertation reviewer, the most important part of your document is the executive summary. It is not an introduction, neither the background, of your report. The executive summary is the gist of your entire research and must reflect the purpose and findings of your report clearly. If a person is reading only the executive summary, he must be able to understand the motive of your research, methods used, data collected and results. It must highlight the important points of the research. If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, it is advisable to avail guidance from dissertation & PhD Thesis writing Service professionals for writing the summary in proper format and language.

Salient points of dissertation executive summary:

When writing the executive summary for your dissertation report, here are a few points that must be kept in mind:

  • It must summarise all the important points of the dissertation and capture the attention of readers
  • It must be written in language suitable for targeted readers. If it only meant for your supervisor or dissertation review team, you can use technical language and jargons. For a summary meant for peer group review, the terminology must be easily comprehensible.
  • It is a standalone document and must be complete in itself. Don’t make the summary dependent on the other parts of your dissertation for clarity.
  • The length of the summary must not be more than 1/10th of the dissertation. It must be crisp and well formatted. If needed, the main arguments and recommendations can be stated as bullet points.
  • It includes the outcome and discussion part of the dissertation too. So jot down the main points from these sections and then include them in the summary.
  • Clarity is critical when writing the executive summary. Many times, scholars try to incorporate several points together and make the document cluttered.
  • Go through the summary not immediately after you have not written it. Let it rest for some time so that you gain a fresh perspective. It is recommended to take help from an expert dissertation editor for revising the summary.
  • The language used must be positive and credible. Affirmative and active voice must be used so that the readers are convinced about the merits of the dissertation and the impact of recommendations.


The executive summary needs to follow the format given below. There might be slight variations in formats suggested by different universities. Hence, you can take help from a Dissertation Writing Services to ensure that you have for the format absolutely correct.

  • An introductory statement
  • The purpose of research
  • Methods and tools used for data collection and analysis
  • Findings of the research
  • Overview of the results and recommendations

When you write the executive summary following this format, make sure to revise each part separately once it is done. Even though it is a short document, it carries immense weight. Each point must be double checked for accuracy. Make your executive summary a power-packed document and pave the way for your dissertation approval.

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