3 Fool-Proof Tips to Pen Down an Approval Ready Assignment

Master’s degree is considered to be an important degree as it helps the student progress in a specific field of study field.  With a master’s degree, the career path of a student takes a different trajectory than without one. However, this degree cannot be accomplished without writing a high-quality assignment. Crafting an assignment involves a considerable amount of effort and is quite time-consuming. 

Assignment, a scoring guide, will help the student in improving the overall performance and get closer to excellence. Assignment displays the knowledge of the student, writing skills and student’s ability to perform the research. But crafting an assignment is definitely a strenuous task. It demands undivided attention, adequate knowledge about the writing rules and structure of the assignment. As per the writers offering assignment writing service, some of the elements that need to be considered while penning down the piece of a document are: 

1. Paragraph Planning:–  Think about the crucial idea that you want to convey in every paragraph and write a clear, concise topic sentence which effectively informs your reader about the concept you wish to discuss. Once the main idea is ready, list other factors such as similar or contrasting the views of different authors, problems and solutions, or causes and effects that need to be included within each paragraph. Some of linking words that should be used while discussing these factors are: 

      • Compare & contrast – Paragraphs should incorporate words such as by contrast, conversely, on the other hand, similarly, in a similar way, alternatively, etc.
      • Causes & effects – While describing causes and effects include words such as results indicated, therefore, consequently, as a result, outcomes included, etc. 
      • Problems & solutions – Include words like identified problems included, outcomes included, other concerns were overcome by, etc.

2. Linking Paragraphs:- Look at the map and decide the key concepts that link the different chapters in your assignment. If there are any ideas that are recurring in various sections/paragraphs, try using linking words to signal to tell your reader that you are talking about similar ideas. If you don’t know how to link the paragraphs, take help from writers providing dissertation writing service.

3. Structuring:- While developing a strong, simple logical structure discussing your line of reasoning must be designed as per macro-structure or micro-structure. Macro-structure relates to assignment as a whole and the organization of the sections. Whereas micro-structure concerns with the internal structure of sections and paragraphs.

      • Macro-structure constitutes three forms of writing: the switch, zig-zag, and snowball. However, the form of writing must be chosen as per the University guidelines. 
      • In the microstructure, paragraphs have a set structure with each paragraph presenting a separate point and beginning with a lead-in sentence, making a smooth transition from the previous paragraph and introducing a new point. On the other hand, the paragraph must end with a lead-out sentence, relating the paragraph’s point back to the original point. 

Although writing task is a challenging one, take up the challenge and triumph it. If at any point of time you require some help, professionals delivering assignment writing service are always ready to proffer you a helping hand. 

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