PhD Thesis Data Analysis Services

Data analysis, a crucial aspect in research process, not only summarizes gathered data but also interprets the outputs and determines the patterns in study. However, it requires technical knowledge, software competencies, and knowledge about codes, or tests. Unless you have proficiency, skills, & experience working on statistical tools, it is a back-breaking task to derive precise & reliable data.

Not all scholars can gather the data and analyse them for their research. Some of the commonly faced challenges are:

  • Lack of relevant data (missing or inconsistent numbers)

  • Hardship in differentiating qualitative and quantitative data analysis

  • Unable to choose apt data analysis method

  • To interpret the output and software outcomes

It is common to see most scholars struggling during their software implementation and data analysis phase of research. Errors, wrong interpretations, irrelevant data, duplicacy of results, are common factors hindering the process. We, at Dissertation Singapore, have highly skilled data analysts who are well versed with all approaches and tools required to analyse quantitative as well as qualitative data within a given time frame.

This is how we our PhD thesis data analysis services can help you:
  • Staticians suggest the most suitable statistical test for your study
  • Data experts compile and manage data sets
  • Data experts help you filter unnecessary, missing, irrelevant data
  • Data analysts analyse your results and data sets using specific tools and techniques
  • Academic and technical writers write down your results and discussions chapter

The statisticians at Dissertation Singapore will not just help you with data collection, data analysis and data interpretation process but also will guide you on throughout the process. This is what we call our ‘Blended Learning Approach’.

Our data Analysis Services in Singapore can help you perform data analysis using any approach and any statistical tools like independent t-test, ANOVA, NVivo, Chi- Square test and many more. Our data analysts proficient in handling statistical tools like STATA, SPSS, SAS, AMOS, R etc. To smoothly perform data analysis and to complete your research process, get in touch with our statisticians.

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Here is how we work to help you with your research project

Evaluation of interview transcripts, observation sheets and questionnaire

Reliability and validity check

Selection of statistical tests for research project

Finding and selection of authentic data resources

Analysis and interpretation of data results

Without thinking, researchers describe their results, thinking that the description equates to interpretation. It does not. There isn’t any standard approach to analyse research results, but with the assistance from our experienced statisticians, you can make your interpretation fit.

To know more and avail our data analysis service, send in your data to us, and we will reply to you soon!