Data Analysis

Is it you only or do every other research student feel overwhelmed by the arduous job of data analysis? Even the most experienced student analyses the data with the abject fear of unexpected error or misinterpreted results. Unless you have proficiency, skills, & experience working on statistical tools, it is a back-breaking task to derive precise & reliable data. We, at Dissertation Singapore, have expert data analysts who are well versed with all nuts & bolts required to analyse quantitative & qualitative data within a short period.

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Here is how we work to help you with your research project:

Evaluation of interview transcripts, observation sheets and questionnaire

Reliability and validity check

Selection of statistical tests for research project

Finding and selection of authentic data resources

Analysis and interpretation of data results

Without thinking, researchers describe their results, thinking that the description equates to interpretation. It does not. There isn’t any standard approach to analyse research results, but with the assistance from our experienced statisticians, you can make your interpretation fit.

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