Secondary Qualitative

Secondary Qualitative data research includes using the data that already exists. This means that the researcher does not conduct the search first-hand but takes the existing data under analysis. However, even though the data is the same, the questions which need to be answered are different.

  • Secondary Research is also known as desk research.
  • It uses the qualitative research data which is already collected and organized.
  • The data gets analysed again to answer different questions and improve the overall effectiveness of the data.
  • It may include the data which was published in journals, texts or reports made earlier.

Dissertation Singapore has 100+ researchers who have experience in both primary qualitative analysis and secondary qualitative research. Also, they are qualified to develop a thorough analysis for both master and doctoral levels research.

Our vision is to make it easier and less time consuming for you without losing the essence of the research question. Sometimes selecting and dividing data according to the information becomes tricky and ends up getting mixed up. However, we make sure that it does not happen with you.

Advantages of Secondary Qualitative

Unlike Primary Qualitative Data, the Secondary Qualitative Data does not need a lot of effort in terms of time and research work. Dissertation Singapore understands that research work requires authentic and reliable data and sometimes it is hard to identify if the data is tampered with, especially when it is qualitative data.

Still a lot of research is secondary research when it comes to PhD Thesis or Masters’ Dissertation development because of lack of time and financial resources.

Saves Time

First of all, collecting data for secondary qualitative analysis does not take a lot of time as it is required in primary qualitative research.

Saves Money

The money and cost spent on secondary qualitative analysis is less because the data can be collected online or offline through reliable official sites.

Reduces Efforts

The efforts of collecting individual data is not included in the secondary research as the data already exists in combined form.

Improves Overall Information

Primary analysis doesn’t answer all the questions and that is why secondary qualitative analysis enhances the information provided in the data by raising different questions.

Easier to Analyse

Collected data is most of the time present in a readable and structured format which makes it easier to analyse a second time.

Provides Hard Access

Secondary analysis is also effective in case one can’t reach the person concerned with the research, like researching about the writers or historians from different eras.

How Does Dissertation Singapore Work?

Our process of starting the work is simple and really easy. The first step begins when you fill in the form to get the quote. After that our team gets back to you within a short while and discusses the requirements you need us to fulfill and what will be the payment process.

After placing the order and the payment has been made, we move on to the next step by asking the details about the project.

Once our experts get the details, they start planning, collecting, analyzing and constructing the data in the most suitable way according to the needs of the project. It also includes sorting out the data based on necessary or unnecessary as well. Then they put it in the format of the paper and university guidelines.

Lastly, we send you the project via email and wait for your confirmation. However, if you find anything that needs to be changed, we make the modifications right away and submit the final paper to you.

Dissertation Singapore

What makes our services different from others?

The first and foremost thing considered by Dissertation Services is QUALITY. When it comes to data analysis, be it primary or secondary, the quality needs to be the best in order to come up with an authentic and effective analysis and presentation. We also understand that different universities have different requirements and thus, our experts closely study the guidelines of the research and then conduct the research.

We also keep interaction between our experts and the students to keep them aware about the process and to make timely changes in the process, if and when necessary.

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