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Emily was pursuing her doctorate in Nanyang Technological University, a leading university in Singapore. Before the submission of her thesis, getting published in impact factor journal was a mandatory requirement in the University for award of doctoral degree. She prepared her manuscript all by herself and sent it to IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. But it was rejected and asked by the editor-in-chief to make major changes and resubmit.

She visited our website while searching for help to revise her manuscript. Seeing the feedback from our happy clients, she dropped us an enquiry at Once our team received the enquiry, they contacted her directly when she shared her problems and feedback received from IEEE.

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Here are the problems she faced & the solutions our experts provided her with:

  • The format of paper was not in accordance with that of the targeted journal: Title, author, affiliation, keywords, main content, references, all tables and figures were not labelled & formatted as per the author guidelines of IEEE. For this, we checked the existing mislabelling & improper format and corrected them as per provided official guidelines of IEEE.
  • Journal paper had plagiarised elements: For detecting the plagiarised sections of her paper, we ran a plagiarism check and produced a plagiarism report. As per the plagiarism report, our writers and editors took the job of rewriting and quoting the sections with authentic sources.
  • Poor writing skills lead to incomprehensible paper: As per reviewers' comment, the language and structure of the entire paper were not up to the mark which made them unable to assess her research rigour. For this, we took a critical stance to analyse her writing style and then began working on its revision. Our qualified subject-matter editor who had the prior experience of preparing manuscripts targeted for IEEE edited her entire journal paper keeping the publishable quality in mind.

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