PhD Thesis Plagiarism Removal Services

During PhD degree journey, it is almost impossible to complete the thesis writing process without falling into plagiarism trap. Since plagiarism is considered as an offense, one should take utmost care to craft a thesis without plagiarising the content.

Some of the reasons why scholars plagiarize are:
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Inability to manage the time
  • Lack of adequate knowledge about referencing and citations in various formatting styles
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge about rules of english language
  • Lack of knowledge about plagiarism and its consequences

For avoiding your thesis from the stigma of plagiarism and being termed under ‘academic dishonesty’, it is essential to give proper credits to the original authors for the work you refer. At Dissertation Singapore, we offer plagiarism removal and correction services for setting your thesis free from any accidental or intentional plagiarism. Where it becomes difficult to get rid of plagiarism entirely, we endeavour to negate plagiarism and assure that your thesis must not contain plagiarised content up to 15 %.

The editors at Dissertation Singapore are trained for content improvement and eroding copied content.

Key features of our PhD thesis plagiarism removal service include:

  • Maintaining logic and meaning while removing plagiarism

  • Editors ensure that sources are cited in a proper manner

  • Ensuring content consistency and tone of writing

  • Edit your work as per feedback of review committee

We have been in this industry since years, and have evolved with it by serving thesis plagiarism removal services in Singapore for scholars across the globe from multiple subject domains. We have recruited subject experts for helping scholars in the least time possible by offering the best help at hand.

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How do our editors do this?

Run a plagiarism detection test through various software such as Turnitin, Grammarly, and ithenticate.

Whenever referred to another's work, the text is accurately quoted, and acknowledgement is given.

Trace the sources of copied text, cite and reference them accordingly.

Total word count is maintained throughout the process of plagiarism removal.

Always use your words and never be tempted to copy out other people’s work. You may come across a difficult concept wherein you think it’s easier copying than putting in efforts and writing but the truth is that you won’t understand that particular concept and would also put yourself at risk of getting rejected for copied content. Your guides will be easily able to distinguish it, and you will get caught. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by our experts to stay away from copying another's scholarly work. In case, you are unable to maintain the authenticity and originality of your thesis, get the plagiarism corrected by our expert editors who will quote and reference your work while keeping the essence of your work in proper right context.

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