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The research topic you choose for your thesis can alter the whole purpose of your PhD research. Knowing which subject area interests you is not sufficient, you must be very clear and definite before beginning your PhD research and thesis. But deciding on a specific PhD topic is a difficult task, as it is obvious to get attracted to every other research topic. Scholars often spend too much time jumbling in the endless process of choosing and discarding research topics.

In the process of attaining a PhD degree, among all the decisions made, selecting the right thesis topic plays a crucial role. To choose a thesis topic, one must be aware of the scope of the topic, how it can add value to existing knowledge base, and more importantly, should identify a topic that is feasible and researchable. Selecting a right thesis topic is an arduous task.

There are several challenges scholar faces during this stage including:

  • Uncertain about area of interest

  • Choosing a topic that is too broad/ narrow

  • Lack of guidance from supervisor

The team of research consultants will not only help you choose authentic, feasible and interesting topic but also a topic that delivers news breaking results.

Before providing thesis topic consultation, our experts will:
  • Thoroughly understand subject area that interests you
  • Provide a summary of 200-250 words pertaining to the topic
  • Provide relevant reference papers that relate to the study

The research consultants at Dissertation Singapore are from various domains and are subject matter experts to provide PhD thesis topic selection service in Singapore. Before suggesting you a topic, our research consultants will analyse the topic, find its scope and investigate if the topics have the potential to deliver research-worthy result. Research consultants have offered assistance to the scholars from various Universities across the globe and helped them accelerate their PhD degree. Our research consultants not only suggests you three or four PhD topics but also assists you in exploring the pros and cons of each topic so that you can make a good choice.

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Under our thesis topic selection service, our qualified research consultants and scholars can assist you by

Making sure that the topic is relevant to your field of study.

There is a sufficient research material available on the topic.

It is original and unique so that it is able to bring out a fresh perception in the concerned subject field.

It should interest you, so that it motivates you ahead through next following years.

Selecting topic for a thesis is a well-planned and complex process. Our team of highly qualified scholars are skilled to provide a research topic based on your academic background and career needs.

Even if you have a particular topic in your mind to go with your research but are having confusion regarding how to frame it, our research consultants will get you on the right track. Please share your query with us at