Primary Qualitative

To understand what Primary Qualitative data is, let us first understand what type of data is included in the qualitative category. The data which can be transformed into theory is considered as Qualitative data. This type of data can be collected by various methods, like:

  • Textual resources like books, journal and so on
  • Audio resources including videos
  • Verbal resources which consists of interviews

Basically, the data which does not contain numerics or statistical information is considered as qualitative data. It becomes primary qualitative when the information is collected by the researchers themselves to answer their questions.

Primary qualitative data can be time consuming as it takes thorough observation and thus, it is important to do it right in the first attempt to make sure that the time spent on researching and collecting data was worth it. Therefore, let’s be rational, having expertise in the research field and topic is a must.


Methods of Collecting Primary Data

Sample Surveys

Surveys which include a smaller scale research which works as the representative for the larger group.

Open Ended Questionnaires

Open-Ended Questionnaires help in getting the behavioural and perception answers to give you an insight of how some new changes; say some new government policy, affect the public on mental and emotional level.


Interview is another source of primary data where you can directly ask questions and mold your questions according to the responses. It is one of the most reliable qualitative data.

Online Analytics

Many tools keep the record of how people responded to particular sites or links. Even though it is numerical, it can also tell the customers’ likes and dislikes to do a qualitative analysis.


This method includes putting someone in a situation and observing how they react to it. Sometimes what people say is a lot different than what they actually do. Therefore, this method becomes one of the most trusted scientific methods for qualitative data collection.


Research part can include going through texts, records or the life experiences of people by cross checking the memories or ideas at different times like while writing about the history of a person who is not alive on the basis of the information collected by their near ones.

Is Primary Qualitative Data more Reliable than the Secondary Qualitative?

Dissertation Singapore says YES and NO, both. Why? Well, let’s see why the answer is YES first.

Through Primary Qualitative Research, the researcher gets direct insight into the matter and subject. This allows the researcher to come to a conclusion or with an understanding of the topic in a better manner. Not to mention how reliable it makes the information collected directly through the concerned people or sources.

Now, let’s check the reason behind the NO.

Primary Research, be it qualitative or quantitative, requires a lot of effort, time and cost. At times the primary research is not even worth the result in terms of the hard work put in it. Secondary Research in this matter does not just save time, money and effort, but it also provides an experienced insight of the first researcher about the concerned topic.

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