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Meta Analysis can be understood as data analysis but at a wider level. It is the statistical analysis of more than one data. In other words, meta analysis combines more than one scientific study.

  • It can only be performed when more than one scientific study is involved.
  • All these scientific studies must be addressed towards the same question.
  • The scientific studies are analyzed individually as well.
  • Meta analysis shows that every study has errors to some extent.

As much as it seems tricky, it is tricky. Meta Analysis is not an easy study to do as it requires a systematic and planned approach. It is an important process to summarize the various data and studies and thus, needs to be monitored carefully.

A patchy and over-crowded meta analysis no longer remains reliable and understandable for that matter. To do meta analysis, one must only include crucial and accurate information to come up with a well-grounded, authentic result.

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How Does Meta Analysis Work?

Frame the Question

The first step is to come up with the question that needs to be analysed in the process.

Search Work

Then comes the step of searching the literature/studies which focused on the question too.

Abstracting Data

After the studies have been searched, it’s time to abstract the data and stats from it.

Collecting Summary Estimates

Once the data is collected, the process moves on to interpret and estimate the summary output and put it together.

Examining the bias

Examining the publishing bias is also important in order to point out the errors which are made because of individual ideas and perceptions.

Final Output

Lastly, all these interpretations and data collections are put together in an organized manner to give the final Meta Analysis research.


What are the Benefits of Meta Analysis?

Meta Analysis is the way through which a statistical significance can be provided to the conflicting studies or research work conducted having the same question. It also helps in developing more accurate research and defines the magnitude of the statistics.

Other than this Meta Analysis also provides a complex analysis about the benefits, harms and safety data. With this Meta analysis reduces the chances of false interpretations and also provides an objective appraisal of evidence.

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