Master's Editing

To make a dissertation capable of scoring high with an instant approval by your supervisor, you have to make sure that it is completely error free. Editing not just improves the overall quality of your dissertation in terms of grammar, language and coherent organization but also takes care of the meaning of whole dissertation. Our team of academic and subject-matter editors have experience of many years in dissertation and thesis editing.

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Following are the few things that must be taken care of:

Issues relating to grammar and spelling in your dissertation.

Diagrams and picture images are well labeled.

Content flows in an orderly manner.

Thought clarity and simpler language so that it can be understood properly.

Proper page numbering and spacing.

Document is checked for complete adherence to university prescribed citation style.

All citations are defined and properly referenced in apt format.

If the content or any part of dissertation is not plagiarized.

Substantive Editing

  • It is recommended when you are unable to convert your thoughts into writing or even if you are an ESL student who is struggling to draft a well written document.
  • Your document will be submitted to our scholarly writer and he/she would ensure that your work conveys the correct meaning and good readability.
  • Check logical sequence, repeated words, presentation manner, grammatical mistakes and an orderly structure of data.
  • Single round of editing by an expert editor
  • Ensures that the document meets its intended purpose and that it is easily understood by its readers.

Multiple Round Editing

  • It is recommended when you have already written a quality dissertation but want to enhance its quality further to make it fit for journal publication.
  • You submit your document to us and receive the edited copy. Then, you submit it to your committee, make the changes as per the feedback given by them and can submit it to us again for editing.
  • Check for correct vocabulary, originality of information, structure of sentence and paragraphs, language errors and citation style.
  • Three different rounds of editing by three expert editors
  • Ensures the overall layout, presentation and composition to get it accepted by the university or journal persuasively.

Your research may be potential and strong enough but documenting it with strong language skills into writing may appear daunting for you. . It is important that your dissertation catches the attention of your readers and they are able to understand the motive behind your research clearly. Our editors will help you achieve the goal through their advanced skills.

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