Writing up qualitative research: Tips to craft the literature review chapter

Qualitative research, an exploratory research, offers deep insights into the research problem and assists to develop hypothesis or ideas required for the potential research. Qualitative research is a highly rewarding process as it engages the reader with concepts that matter and the ways in which it matters. Using qualitative research one can explore dimensions of […]

DBA vs PhD. Which one suits you better?

Getting a doctoral degree is an intense step in gaining expertise in a specified field. Now, you have your two doctorate prospects, Ph.D. and DBA. Now, you are probably stuck in the situation of choosing between the two. So, let’s get a descriptive look between what a Ph.D. degree is and what a DBA degree […]

Writing Tips for PhD proposal to deliver a Successful Proposal

Writing Tips for PhD proposal to deliver a Successful Proposal Dissertation Singapore’s primary goal is to provide support to academic students with Journal Paper Assistance and our Thesis Editing Service. The aim is to help the students and help them deliver successful research papers and attain the final goal of being called a PhD Degree […]

3 Fool-Proof Tips to Pen Down an Approval Ready Assignment

Master’s degree is considered to be an important degree as it helps the student progress in a specific field of study field.  With a master’s degree, the career path of a student takes a different trajectory than without one. However, this degree cannot be accomplished without writing a high-quality assignment. Crafting an assignment involves a […]

What Steps You Should Follow to Evaluate Research Literature

A critical evaluation of research literature is imperative to make sure that you select the data that is relevant to your topic and it helps you with conducting your research. Below are some guidelines suggested by the finest PhD thesis editing service providers to evaluate existing literature that you should follow if you aren’t able […]

Why One Should Hire Professional Dissertation Editing Service

Students in their Master’s and PhD programs are required to submit dissertations of their research work on a certain defined topic. Projects are given to them to test their independent research skills. However, writing and reviewing an assignment is not an easy job for the students. They ought to need help for dissertation writing and […]

Researcher’s Guide: How to Prepare for a Successful Qualitative Interview?

One of the biggest roadblocks in the research journey a researcher must face is conducting a successful interview with the participants. The strength of 79% of researchers in Singapore fails to conduct successful qualitative interviews during their Ph.D. research. How successful an interview turns out to be can be measured by the authenticity and the […]