Researcher’s Guide: How to Prepare for a Successful Qualitative Interview?

One of the biggest roadblocks in the research journey a researcher must face is conducting a successful interview with the participants. The strength of 79% of researchers in Singapore fails to conduct successful qualitative interviews during their Ph.D. research. How successful an interview turns out to be can be measured by the authenticity and the […]

Challenges Faced During Data Collection and Its Analysis

Basic value and purpose of any research is based on identifying the problem and investigating for its best possible solution. For this purpose, some theoretical knowledge is necessary and realistic facts are consenting. Theoretical contents and knowledge that are not difficult to be gained and implement, but the practical facts and figures are neither easily […]

Why Preconceived Notion is bad for Research?

Research in any academic domain across the world focuses on the creation of knowledge in that respective area, or intersection of several academic areas. It can be assumed that the knowledge being created in the process of research is totally unbiased in nature, which can be utilized in the benefit of the society and industry […]

Analysing Qualitative Data

One of the most important and difficult steps of dissertation is data analysis. Students find this extremely overwhelming and are often faced with many problems while analysing data. Data analysis is basically the process of getting a meaning from all the data that you have collected. In quantitative data analysis, usually you can collect all […]