DBA vs PhD. Which one suits you better?

Getting a doctoral degree is an intense step in gaining expertise in a specified field. Now, you have your two doctorate prospects, Ph.D. and DBA. Now, you are probably stuck in the situation of choosing between the two.

So, let’s get a descriptive look between what a Ph.D. degree is and what a DBA degree is, and which one you should opt for:-

– Ph.D. degree:-

Ph.D. refers to Philosophy of Doctorate. It is a degree that is considered the highest degree in Academics. It is another way to be a doctor but without the scrubs and stethoscope.

-The Ph.D. degree can be pursued via any university of choice. It is awarded when the pursuer produces an advanced study that creates a significant impact in the field of research.

-It is generally three to five years of study and can be awarded in different fields.

-In some countries, you need to have a Master’s degree to pursue Ph.D., while in some countries you don’t need a master’s degree to pursue the degree.

-The purpose of a Ph.D. degree academically is to work as researchers, professors, heads of departments, etc. It is usually a position of high academia.


-Doctor of business administration is the highest degree to pursue in the field of business. 

-It is the degree that the researcher pursues by using the theoretical knowledge of the business field in the advancement of business and its related fields.

-It can be pursued after completing a Masters in Business Administration and usually is 3 to 6 years long.

-It can be pursued via universities that offer the subject. Certain universities combine business administration subjects with certain technology-related subjects.

-It is pursued to gain employment as business executives, advance consulting, research professors, etc.

Now, you are going to ask what’s the difference?

The difference between Ph.D. and DBA is:-

  • DBA can only be obtained in the field of business administration while Ph.D. can be obtained in various fields.
  • For Ph.D., you are supposed to create a new theory or add an original aspect to an existing theory. For doing a DBA, you have to create a theory that tackles a clear existing problem. You will provide your viewpoint in solving the problem.
  • The purpose of obtaining a Ph.D. is to gain higher positions in the academic field. In the case of DBA, the purpose is to challenge a business-related problem and change its narrative. It can also be used by the researcher on their own business.
  • For Ph.D., the researcher has to create a database to provide evidence in support of the theory, but for a DBA, they can use problems that exist in their own business or other business.
  • Ph.D. relies on theoretical data whereas DBA is based on practical approach and modules.

Now, a final question which type of doctorate should you should be going for:-

-Area of research- 

What is the area of your research? To choose your specific doctorate, you need to choose your area of research. If it is focused on the practicality and the problems of business, the DBA is your choice. And if it focused on science, humanities, and any other area, go for Ph.D.


DBA is usually pursued by people in their 30s or 40s, who already have experience in the business field, whereas if you are in your 20s or the early stages of your career, then choose Ph.D.


Ph.D. is generally a full-time course that includes teaching and another form of an academic position.

DBA is a flexible program compared to Ph.D. Since people pursuing DBA are already in good positions in business, DBA-providing universities are flexible with their programs. You can do your DBA in distance as well as online while working your job.

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