Writing up qualitative research: Tips to craft the literature review chapter

Qualitative research, an exploratory research, offers deep insights into the research problem and assists to develop hypothesis or ideas required for the potential research. Qualitative research is a highly rewarding process as it engages the reader with concepts that matter and the ways in which it matters. Using qualitative research one can explore dimensions of […]

DBA vs PhD. Which one suits you better?

Getting a doctoral degree is an intense step in gaining expertise in a specified field. Now, you have your two doctorate prospects, Ph.D. and DBA. Now, you are probably stuck in the situation of choosing between the two. So, let’s get a descriptive look between what a Ph.D. degree is and what a DBA degree […]

What Steps You Should Follow to Evaluate Research Literature

A critical evaluation of research literature is imperative to make sure that you select the data that is relevant to your topic and it helps you with conducting your research. Below are some guidelines suggested by the finest PhD thesis editing service providers to evaluate existing literature that you should follow if you aren’t able […]

How to conclude the Survey Interview?

At the beginning of the research itself, you are focused completely on designing of the questionnaire and making all other arrangements that would be required for the survey. With all the tangibles in place, you may simply forget to prepare yourself mentally about the way you are going to close the interview. Though, it seems […]

Some formatting basics for manuscript

The preparation of a manuscript is of course a mandatory requirement if you are a research scholar.  Understanding the formatting specifications that journals give and understanding them in detail can be a daunting task.  Still, formatting is a very important task as a properly formatted manuscript tends to have a faster acceptance for publication. Sometimes, […]