Formulating the title of your dissertation

Once you finalize on the topic that you will pursue for your dissertation, the next big step is
formulating the title of the dissertation. This is an important step in your dissertation writing process since it is the identity of your work. It goes down in history and all the further introductions begin with the name itself. Your dissertation title must be written after careful thought and attention to minute details. Many students skip this step and choose something random without ensuring if the title fulfils its responsibility.

Here are a few tips to help you while writing a better title:
Objective of the title: Your title is the summary of your entire dissertation in a few words. It must communicate the crux of your project effectively.
Use language to your advantage: if you are good with English, choose the apt words that will help your dissertation. Make your title compelling and enticing so that readers are excited to open it.
Keep it clear and simple: Don’t play around with words and make a complicated title. Keep it precise and realistic with no space for ambiguity.
Make it distinctive: If your subject is vast and common, it is important to have a different title that will stand out from your peers.

Stick to the mentioned format: For the title page; along with the title, you must also write your name, department, candidate number and name of university. Maintain the formatting guidelines in your title page.

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