Mistakes scholars make at more progressive stages of writing thesis: continued.

In the blog in the previous week we discussed about the mistakes that scholars make at the preliminary stage of thesis writing.  Taking it forward, let’s understand the various mistakes that they can probably make at more advanced stages of thesis writing and the ways to eliminate them.

 Not going by the action plan: if you so desire to finish your thesis in the desired and stipulate time frame, there is no other way but to stick to the action plan that has been made in the preliminary stage. Often scholars try align their work according to the action plan in the beginning stage but as the stage advances they often find it difficult to adhere to the time frame. But you must try to remember that adhering to the time frame is the only way to ensure timely completion of your research.

Lacking in timely submission of drafts: scholars who carry a lax attitude often get late in submission of drafts. And   mostly all of them do it. Few who actually are able to sail through the deadline do it in a rush attempt thus failing to meet up quality standards.

Not updating their progress status: as a scholar knowing you progress status is very important for you. It helps you to know that you are moving in the right direction and in addition to that it works as a great motivator. Scholars should update their progress chart as and when their thesis advisor suggests so.

Not meeting your panel and supervisors at regular intervals: your supervisor would rarely take the initiative to meet you regularly but that does not mean that he does not expect it from you.  As a scholar his expectations are valid and it is your duty to meet him regularly and take consultation in your work and keep giving updates. It helps to identify loosing track at the initial stage itself.

Not incorporating the suggestions given by the thesis advisor: it is always better to have a constructive argument with your supervisor or the panel if you so differ with their suggestions or opinion but that should not become a reason to not incorporate the suggestions given by them in your review meeting or consultations. Non-compliance to the changes is a reason for unnecessary delay in the acceptance of your thesis and hence the completion of your degree.



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