Practical Issues To Consider In Choosing A Statistical Analysis

Before choosing a statistical analysis for your research work, you should consider the practical issues in selecting them and ask yourself some questions that would help you find the right statistical method to use for your dissertation. The purpose of your research A dissertation that has not yet been published has the primary goal of teaching the author and not necessarily obtaining scientific results. Crude statistical approaches are fine, if no one is going to read your dissertation or if you do not intend to publish it. On the other hand, if you are going to publish your work, then you should consider selecting fine statistical methods for your dissertation. Analysis of the work Some holders of master’s degrees do not prefer to go for an academic career or a career in research work. If this is the only statistical analysis you are going to do, then you should consider doing it well so that people will know that you are serious about the work you are doing and maybe you would be eligible for studying for a higher degree or even to publish your work in a reputed academic journal. The expectations of your research committee This is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind while writing your dissertation. Reviewers of dissertations can be tricky. Decide how much you are ready to fight in order to defend your dissertation. If your stickler committee member wants that you do the dissertation in a certain way, you should follow that method. Be prepared with enough references and possibly also some academically oriented text in your thesis. You would need to do your best in your research paper according to the expectations of the members of your research committee so that you are not in trouble later on.

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