What is the best conclusion like?

The conclusion to a journal article is very important, and it is no less than crucial work. Despite that, it is something over which the writer does a lot of negligent effort. There are a few things about the beginning and ending of the conclusion, which you must necessarily know about.

The conclusion has to be the reminder to the reader, about the reason behind writing the document. Whether you have intended to solve a puzzle, carry forward an already going on debate or maybe raise a topical issue that you feel needed to be surfaced up. There is some commitment that you have made in the beginning, and your conclusion should be what it was and how you have lived up to the promise that you made.

A lot of inexperienced writers tend to make a mistake often.  Whether it is because they don’t want to take the pain to think over getting creative in their conclusion, or they think this is the way it should be,   they repeat their entire research all over again in their conclusion. No reader wants to read the same article two times in the same document. Therefore, your conclusion shouldn’t be repetition from any perspective.

The significance of your findings should be there in the conclusion. Very succinctly, you must present the importance and significance of you research in the present times and for further research of any types.  If, as a writer, you have the vision, you must present the implication of future research as well. Though, if going that far seems like, you will get lost and give vague statement, you must refrain from doing so.

With the abundance of research available, you may find many articles in your area which keep repeating the same predictable statements in their conclusion. We may call them as clichés of academics. Don’t do that, as it portrays that you have done it all in a jiffy, and it leaves a poor impression on the reader.

Some of the sample phrases that you can use in your conclusion are:

  1. The argument in the introduction of the paper was….
  2. The findings of this research are indicative that….
  3. This has more importance/relevance because…
  4. In contrast to existing research, this study…..
  5. Some important concerns raised in this study are….
  6. There is scope for further research in this field….
  7.  Since it has topical relevance, this study would attract policy makers….

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  1. Ching juang

    Nice article about inclusion of conclusion.
    But i want to ask What Were the Shortcomings? How shortcoming effect my results.


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