What is the way to create an effective bibliography?

Content writing tips for research papers are easy to find and surely looked for and adopted by researchers and writers but rarely do we find s step by step process to tell you the way to create an effective bibliography. Creating the correct and required bibliography is essential for the paper, especially for its acceptance for publication and similar other concerns. Before you actually start to write the bibliography or we discuss the means and ways to write an effective bibliography, it is important for you to figure out the style that must be followed for writing the bibliography. There are numerous research paper styles available, for instance, APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago manual of style. These specific requirement have to be clarified by your supervisor or the editor of the journal which you are considering while writing your paper. Let us discuss a step by step process that you must follow in order to create an effective bibliography.

Collect all sources: After having confirmed the correct bibliography style, you have to gather all sources which were used to inform the content of the paper. The sources would not be of one type. It may have different types of sources, including journals, books, Audio Video content, news pieces from online sources, website content, and photos correspondence and so on. You will have to refer to the style guide specific to the recommended style that you have to use, especially if you are using a new kind of media then you may not find its formatting style in a style guide that is outdated and may not give you the details for incorporating the reference for the same.

Revision:  Always ensure to revise the bibliography as many times as you revise your paper and while revising you would see some times you may be adding new sources or removing sources that no longer hold any value in the paper.

Listing of sources or more: In most of the cases bibliography is all about the listing of all sources which have been used in the paper. But in some cases the supervisors may demand an annotated bibliography where the researcher has to establish the connectivity of the source to the existing research with further focus on how it has contributed to the thesis. Often this kind of an annotated bibliography has to be created before writing the paper so that the thoughts can be structured and organised better.


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