Challenges Faced During Data Collection and Its Analysis

Basic value and purpose of any research is based on identifying the problem and investigating for its best possible solution. For this purpose, some theoretical knowledge is necessary and realistic facts are consenting. Theoretical contents and knowledge that are not difficult to be gained and implement, but the practical facts and figures are neither easily attainable nor easily acceptable. There are many points that one needs to consider while collecting and analyzing data like source of collection, type of data needed, authenticity, its calculation and formulation used. Thus, it becomes quite simple to comprehend that when specifications are in a list there then definitely there must be further list of challenges, so let’s go through them –

  • Real significance of data collection will miss if research study has not been taken seriously right from the beginning and there is no progression and method involved in it. As, collecting data without understanding the crux of investigation is of no use and it can’t be corrected in the later steps of research.
  • Financial status and support during data collection is another big challenge during data collection. The researcher may not access all the sources of data collection in the lack of fund with him. This will lead to limited information and hence may impede the result.
  • Big data issues are unhidden by all, as it’s a challenge to collect a huge database and that too accurately. Whole concentration and effort of researcher goes in data collection only and he lags behind in analysis part, without which all his effort involved in data collection goes in vain.
  • Synchronized data are thought to give more accurate results and involves amalgamation of stored data and new and updated data collectively. These all together give out the result faster than the individual data. Researcher fails to record this as it is faster than the business expectation.

Thus, the challenges faced during data collection and analysis is critical to be recorded and analyzed.

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