Writing an effective introduction for your dissertation

Your introduction is like the cover of a book; if it is catchy and effective, it will lure the reader into moving on to the next segments. It is also like an opening act which determines the future of your dissertation.

Tips on writing a good introduction:

  • In order to write an effective dissertation, the statement of purpose is the key. You must define your reason of conducting the research precisely
  • Defining the topic is the next step in order to create a structured dissertation that flows well Mention the research methods and the approach that you will be taking to complete your study. You should also focus on the challenges that you may face and state why you chose a particular method
  • The objectives and the research questions must be a part of your introduction. This will give the reader a window into what to expect in the later chapters of your work
  • The hypothesis statement is again extremely important in the introduction. Your hypothesis should be viable for testing, it should be something that can be falsified and it must be noncircular Determine the scope of work for your dissertation in the introduction. This way, the reader knows the extent of your dissertation and it also helps you to maintain the scope of doing research
  • The reasoning in your research is a crucial part of the introduction. A good reasoning and your motivation about the topic will give a clearer picture to the reader of what to expect

Good luck!

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