Why Preconceived Notion is bad for Research?

1Research in any academic domain across the world focuses on the creation of knowledge in that respective area, or intersection of several academic areas. It can be assumed that the knowledge being created in the process of research is totally unbiased in nature, which can be utilized in the benefit of the society and industry at large. Knowledge creation is never an easy process, and it can take a great amount of toil, considering the psychic state of a researcher, ass the knowledge being created by that person should be based on truth only, and no influence of any external factor should be present as an intervention of that process.

However, in most of the cases, it has been observed that the researchers start carrying out the research work with a predefined set of assumed results, which they want to see at the end of the study. Once that preconceived result is not obtained by them, they consider that study to be a faulty one, and they try to redesign the study, so that they can get their expected result. Driven by their experiences and intuitions, they can assume the results before actually stating off with the study, and in times, this approach may prove out to be wrong in many aspects. Preconceived notion can bias the results to a great extent, and the knowledge created by means of that process will be inclined towards the individual preferences of that researcher. The readers will consider that knowledge as a true one, and in turn, they will be molded in accordance with the preferential bias of that researcher. This may in turn result in the manipulation of the opinions being provided by the readers to a great extent, which is not expected as a significant research outcome.

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